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    You may the loathe the fact that Gaga is a member of the gay community in the same way that I loathe that Perez Hilton is a member of the gay community, but the fact that she’s an out bisexual means that, hey - SHE’S A MEMBER OF THE GAY COMMUNITY.

    I was JUST talking about this on Facebook because a friend posted it and I referenced Perez Hilton as “One of those damn queers you don’t like but hey they’re still queer.”

    That said, even HE’S gone out and apologized for the shitty things he’s said. Queers aren’t infallible. Just because Gaga is bisexual (which, as far as I know, she doesn’t identify as specifically) doesn’t mean she gets an ALL SEASON PASS on privilege and the inane shit she does. She’s a mindless, counter-culture exploiting, corporate, capitalist super-puppet. I think that biphobia & identity-policing (which does exist, rampantly so) isn’t the reason behind her not being accepted into the community, it’s that she doesn’t really say or proclaim herself as a member of the community. She tokenizes and exploits mainstream white queerdom, she sings songs about men and heterosexual love, and she acts like a really good ALLY, not MEMBER, to the mainstream lesbian & gay community. That’s not to say what she is or isn’t, or that she hasn’t done any good, but I’m not too thoroughly impressed, whether she’s gay, straight, bi, or a fucking McQueen alien.

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    Reblogging for commentary. I like (some) of her music, just like I like some of Katy Perry’s music, but I despise the...
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    Are you kidding me? Since when did discrimination against your fucking sexuality enter the ‘fight for gay rights’. Since...
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    Just because Gaga is bisexual (which, as far as I know, she doesn’t identify as specifically) doesn’t mean she gets an...
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    You’re right. It did piss off the little monsters… One of them, at least. >:-(
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    Reblogged for all commentary.
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    Yes, for real. I think for a lot of people, they don’t know what else to use. It’s a mix of erasure/cisscentricism &...
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